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Avoid upfront infrastructure costs! Maximize your ROI.  No longer necessary pay for expensive upgrades for Microsoft Office packages.  Save on IT Support.  No longer do you need to remember to back up your data.  Anywhere on any device!


What is Cloud computing?

Its internet-based computing that provides shared processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand.  Resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications and services are located in protected data centers. This allows you to access your information from anywhere, anytime and from any device on the road or from the office.  And, with the advent of fast and highly reliable internet connectivity the promise of cloud computing is now a viable option for small businesses.

Where’s my data stored?

Your data and applications are stored in secure datacenters and is deployed to any device you choose via the internet. This means that users have access from the office, remote locations, home or on the road. No more need for on-site hardware, which saves money on expensive upgrades and internal monitoring.  Easily scalable when your business grows.

How secure is it?

Data and applications are hosted in two separate, geographically diverse sites and replicated between both.  If a failure occurs at one site, failover occurs automatically to the second site.  The datacenters are HIPAA compliant and SSAE 16 certified – the same security required for hospitals and financial institutions.  Backups are done nightly on a third device and tested monthly.

How do we access “the cloud”?

This is one of the best features…you and your authorized employees have access to your own personal “cloud-based” desktop from anywhere using just about any device.  PC’s, laptops, iPads, tablets, iPhones, and Andriod devices are all supported.  You control who can access and from what location! 

What’s included?

Hosted standard office solutions such as Microsoft Office including Microsoft Exchange email as well as your own internal office applications such as Quicken, SalesForce, and many others.  It’s very likely we support the applications you use, but even if it’s not in the suite of products we support, we can probably add it.  Each client’s requirements are different and we would be happy to evaluate your needs and provide a no obligation estimate.

The solution provides you with…


  • Hosted Servers
  • Hosted Desktops
  • Professionally Maintained Systems
  • Unlimited Local Helpdesk Services
  • Backup Monitoring and testing
  • And it’s all managed for you!


Peace of mind - If a device is ever lost or stolen you can rest easy, because your data is safe and secure in the cloud, not on your computer and if you purchase new equipment you can be working in a matter of minutes.  We’re local just like you!

For further information including pricing or to set up a time for us to visit you for a “no obligation” consultation, please contact Tom at: 603-424-8555 x730 or email us at