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Information Security Services

Botz & Associates
Led by renowned security expert Patrick Botz (father of single sign-on for the IBM i and founder of the IBM Lab Services Security Consulting team) Botz & Associates understands the requirements and nuances of implementing security policies in many types of environments — especially those running mission-critical applications on IBM i (AS/400), Unix, AIX and Linux platforms.

The Botz team is ready to help you with nearly any information security management need, including:
  • Consulting (What you should do)
  • Design and architecture (How you should do it)
  • Implementation (Do it)

World-class security expertise is no longer just for the big guys. Following are some of the services offered by Botz & Associates:

SSO stat! 

This service eliminates up to 80% of most organizations’ password management costs within 1 day – using technology you already own – with positive ROI typically achieved in 4- 12 months. Read More


Strategic Security Planning

Information security is a business tool, deployed to mitigate business risk. Botz & Associates uses a proven, repeatable business process to help top management develop a rational security plan. Read More


Compliance Services

HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.....our security compliance approach focuses on solutions that are easy to understand, easy to manage, and that meet the specific compliance objective. Read More 



Advances in biometrics Advances in biometrics technology and sensor production have made this once-futuristic method of authentication a cost-effective and practical alternative for many businesses. Read More


Custom Services

If you need help with a specific security requirement, then you want our Custom Services. From audit remediation to security cost reduction to security policy advice, Botz & Associates is here to help. Read More



If you're looking for someone to take the information security management journey with you -- not just someone to identify your security deficiencies -- then our TeamSecurity offering is the perfect fit for you! Read More

For more information on any of these services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.